La Granson International CEO Grant Sherwood sets new records at Industry Award Ceremony

It was the ceremony of ceremonies. The oscars of our industry. We had been planning and working towards this day for the last 18 months and it finally came to a head at this years black tie awards gala held at an exquisite upmarket venue in Cape Town at The Lookout.

For us at La Granson International it was a night for the history books as our CEO Grant Sherwood took the limelight and made us proud by scooping the highest award count of the evening.

"It's always great to judge your level of success against the best in the industry" Said La Granson International's proud CEO before the start of the ceremony "This evening is where the culmination of all efforts over the last 18 months will be acknowledged and the benchmark for the following ceremony will be set."

It is with great pleasure to announce that we managed to bring back 5 major awards that were handed out at the prestigious event.

1. A beautiful Cartier watch given to CEO's who have now become consultants for other business owners across the country.

2. The Top Sales Award given to the CEO who managed to generate the most high quality sales versus the other 90+ CEO's across the country. This award was given to us with also the title of the most sales and most profits generated over a 12 month period in the history of our industry.

3. Presidents Club given to business owners who have continued growing their business with a minimum of 3 additional offices and locations being opened. - We managed to open 5 which was the highest across all candidates.

4. The R3 Mill + Turnover Award - There were only 3 recipients of this on the night with Grant Sherwood menacingly stating that there should be a R4 mill award soon.

5. The Business Owner of the Year Award given to the one CEO that outshone the competition in terms of sales, organisational growth, money saved and consistency of the business. This one was personal for our CEO Grant Sherwood saying"I set the goal of becoming Business Owner Of The Year in 2015 already and made 100% sure that we blew the competition away through consistent effort we put into achieving our vision."

With receiving a ton of attention from all the key players in our industry it goes without saying that we cannot rest on our laurels or previous performances and can say without a doubt that we will continue to raise the bar in all areas of our business to ensure future growth of our organisation and continue to be the trend setters in our industry.

When interviewed about his recent success CEO Grant Sherwood had the following to say:

1.Tell me a little bit about you before starting the business.
I studied at Stellenbosch University and obtained a Bcomm degree in Marketing and Investments. I entered the job world looking to get straight into a high level position because my parents always said "Once you get that piece of paper the world is your oyster" I unfortunately found out that the world was in fact not my oyster and I had to start at the bottom like everyone else. I started in sales selling everything from branding and promotional items to computer security to photo copiers and investments. While doing a lot of B2B sales calls I always noticed a shiny BMW or Mercedes Benz or even a Porche or a Jaguar outside the business' I was calling on and every time I went inside I always asked who drives the shiny car outside and the answer was always the same. "The Boss, The Owner of the company" That's where my passion for running my own business started from. If I want to drive the shiny car I have to run my own business but I didn't know where or how to get started. That's when I joined Credico and the rest is all history.
2.What lessons have been crucial to your growth?
Finding a willing and most importantly able coach and mentor to help me along the way was a massive head start. When finding a mentor it is vital you are both on the same page when it comes to your goals and how they can help you achieve them. Look for someone who has already done what you are trying to do and they will show you the easiest route possible. 
The next step is to do every single thing they tell you to do with the best of your ability and you will see results coming almost immediately.
John Maxwell talks about the leadership lid where you as a leader can only develop people to the level that you are at yourself. So a necessary step would be for you to put massive effort into your own personal learning and development. I did this through following the greats of our industry, constantly reading books and continuing to grow in my personal space so that I am equipped to lead my organisation to massive heights.
3.What motivates you to work hard every day?
It's always easy to achieve goals when you start with why. To be honest I never thought of running a sales and marketing company before. The goal has always been to be able to provide a legacy for my family for generations to come. The most important people in my life are my beautiful wife and our lovely amazing 3 children. I want to leave a legacy for their childrens childrens children and provide opportunities for them to have the best life they possibly could have.
I also have the job satisfaction of seeing all the new entrepreneurs I have developed, really flourishing with their careers. It takes a ton of hard work and consistency to be a successful entrepreneur and it we are refining and getting better and better at our development strategy. Working with self motivated and driven staff is motivation enough and I can't wait to help everyone in our organisation to reach their full potential.
4.How do you keep your team motivated?
In sales and I guess with everything in life, the more motivated the team is the better the results. 
The first step is only to recruit highly motivated individuals from the beginning. This meeting of like individuals really helps to influence the rest of the team from the first day. 
We run bonus' and incentives from time and remunerate our staff on performance which ensures top performance all round.
The most important factor is the culture of any business. Some business' and teams have created a culture of losing. It hasn't been easy but we have created a massive culture of winning where people go out every day to not just do their job but to beat their personal best.
5.How do you master consistency?
Consistency is the biggest factor to success. If a dripping tap drips water onto a rock there will eventually be a hole in the middle of that rock and it would purely be so due to the consistency of those water drops hitting the rock day in day out for a considerable period. The gateway to success is through consistent attitude and effort taken daily in order to get one step closer to your goal.
I think it's easier for me as I played sport very competitively and had to be my best every day. This took 5AM gym sessions daily, afternoon training for 4-6 hours, 7 days a week. 
The problem we have in society is everyone is looking for immediate gratification - impulsive behaviors. When things get a bit tough it's easy to forget the reason why you started in the first place. 
What I use to help me stay consistent is to set goals and share them with as many people as possible. That way I am reminding myself consistently about what I want to achieve. Also this holds me accountable to what I say. Imagine I told everyone I was taking over the world but sat on my couch and did nothing every day. What would all those people say and think? 

I stick my goals up everywhere and constantly remind myself about where I am going and what needs to be done.
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